Japan: Clear The Way For First Casinos

It is no secret that in the Far East bets are often placed in gambling. Especially the Chinese with their special zone Macau are at the forefront and place enormous sums in the game year after year. In Japan, on the other hand, gambling in public spaces has focused primarily on the small Pachinko shops, as there are no casinos or casinos yet. That might change however time near, because the government adopted now a bill, which makes the way clear for the building of several Casino Resorts for the way.

No pure play palaces

Although Japan can be called without doubt one of the prominent industrial nations, the gambling in the asiatic country had to subordinate itself for a long time and is in principle only for well three years publicly correctly noticed. Traditionally the Japanese place their bets mainly in the Pachinko shops, which are spread all over the country and often serve as a pastime for hours or even a whole day. Since 2016, however, the Japanese government around Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been steering in a new direction . At that time a law was brought on the way, which made the advertising for gambling at least in parts possible. An enormous progress, to which the country would like to tie now apparently.

A few days ago a 24-member committee, which is often called also the ?fourth Abe cabinet? passed a bill, which makes the plans for the building of several Casino Resorts possible. Quite historically, because with these Resorts it will concern the very first official Casinos of the country . The government is important thereby however that it does not concern pure play palaces, even if the Resorts remind in the future in their order of magnitude and equipment above all of Etablissements from Las Vegas. Here hotels and offers are to be combined such as conference halls or exhibition halls, so that tourists from the whole world travel to Japan. Shinzo Abe was extremely optimistic about the topic and explained: “The government decree draft for the resolution of the emergence of integrated departments […] makes buildings necessary, which consist of integrated resorts and international conference halls, in order to establish an unequalled measure of quality as standard. The resolution introduces law clauses, which aim at establishing Casino regulations of the world class and to promote the tourism from all world long lastingly.

Bau of the Resorts could begin already 2020

If everything runs after plan, the building of the first Casinos is to begin already in the coming year. Until then the planners and architects may break their heads over it, how they can convert the numerous defaults of the Japanese government. It is demanded for example that beside the conference halls and play offers also more than 100,000 square meters floor space for rooms are present. beyond that the respective operator of the casino must take up the cultural heritage and routistic offer of the respective locations. Concert halls, theatres, cinemas, restaurants and the like are also to be found in the mega complexes. Pleasing for the Japanese: they even have a small say in the design. Interior Minister Keiichi Ishii explained that the public is welcome to submit proposals for the design of the resort.

On the one hand, this is a fine move, but on the other hand it is also quite curious. After all, the Japanese government wants to keep its own population as far away from the casinos as possible. That is for example clearly recognizable by the fact that the Casinos may recruit in the future only at ship and airports. So exactly where the numerous tourists arrive. Advertising within the country is again prohibited. Additionally in addition the attendance of the Japanese Resorts is to be occupied for the native ones in the future with a fee of approximately 55 US Dollar. A proud price, which is to prevent that the Japanese bring too often their money into the Spielcasinos. In addition, access will generally be limited to three times a week and ten times a month. Foreign visitors do not have to fear such requirements. They should be admitted free of charge, and at the same time they can spend their entire holiday in one of the resorts if required.

Who takes over the resorts?

If a region wants to serve as the location of a casino resort, it must officially apply. So far the rush keeps itself however still strongly within limits, so that only five regions submitted an application. The reason for this is that the regions fear a too strong effect on the own population – and for it are ready to do without economic upswing and jobs. One region that has nevertheless applied is the metropolis of Osaka. And it seems as if the first casino resort will be built here. So anyway Jim Murren estimates it, the CEO of the world-well-known MGM Resorts, which rank among the strongest Interessten for the establishment of a Resorts. Murren said: “We have decided to focus on Osaka. We believe that Osaka will be the site of the first Integrated Resort. The government is very excited, but ”

MGM is not the only one interested in the “adventure Japan”. Also the Las Vegas Sands group is to be strongly interested in an Investment. And it is well known that it has best relations to the president of the USA via its owner. It’s quite possible that he could at least have a good word for his old friend when the Japanese government awards the licenses. The licences for the first three casino resorts with a term of ten years are to be awarded, but subsequently these can be extended by up to five years on a regular basis. Should further resorts be built in the further course, these would operate with a license period of seven years.