Optionbit Experience

Note: OptionBit currently does not accept new customers due to restructuring. Please use our Broker comparison and choose an alternative broker like IQ option or BDSwiss.

Already since 2009 the binary options Broker OptionBit offers its services on the market. The broker is now available in ten different languages and attracts more and more customers. Especially attractive with OptionBit are the low trading sums from 10 Euro as well as the advantages of the so-called VIP account. But what other services and conditions can traders expect with OptionBit? We have summarized our experiences and provided an overview of the advantages and disadvantages as well as the dubious offshore regulation of the broker.

Ist OptionBit reputable?

The reliability of the provider should be checked before testing the services and conditions. In the case of OptionBit, it is worth mentioning that the binary options broker has been active on the market since 2009 and has since been able to expand its customer base in many different countries. The provider is one of the oldest to operate in German-speaking countries.

Most of its competitors are based in Cyprus and are also regulated there by CySEC. Unlike Green Galaxy International S.A, which holds its license for OptionBit from the Financial Services Authority in the Seychelles. This means that the provider operates outside European standards, which is not synonymous with fraud, but leaves open doubts about deposit protection and investor protection. For these reasons I would choose a provider that is based and regulated in Europe.


In general, there are always critical voices and opinions when searching for OptionBit rip-off and the reliability of the binary options broker. Such statements, however, can be found for almost every provider. There is a particular flaw in the entire binary options trading system, but not directly to the broker. When fraud is mentioned, it does not necessarily mean that the provider is actually behaving dishonestly. Therefore, you should always take a close look at the experience of another user before you trust the headline and exclude this broker from your search. Serious experiences of traders at OptionBit show us that the broker is a reputable provider.

Customer Service and Support from OptionBit

It is noticeable that not all parts of the website have been translated into perfect German by the international broker yet. In our experience, the employees on the telephone hotline are not native German speakers either. Nevertheless, the support is also offered in German and is very reliable and competent. Dealers are treated very well here. You can also contact the OptionBit team via live chat or email. The offer of the broker is available in ten different languages. Inform yourselves nevertheless simply on the side, whether also your native language is offered.

Apart from the usual support for traders with special account specifications also a personal responsible person is available. With a Deposit starting from 1.000 ? you are within the range of the standard account and get contact to a professional Trader. From a deposit of 10.000€ an economic expert is at your side.

These are our OptionBit Experiences

All in all OptionBit is a binary options broker you can trust. In our test and binary options broker comparison there were no problems regarding the seriousness and reliability of OptionBit. The provider only has some catching up to do with the German translations.

The_offer of OptionBit

To be able to choose between different binary options, brokers must compare their services. We took a close look at OptionBit and collected all relevant data. In our test report you can find out what you can expect from a broker.

Vier Optionsarten für alle Trader

Average OptionBit is set up regarding the tradable option types. Only four different trading options are offered. In addition to the usual call and put trading, turbo options as well as range trading options and touch types are available. Although the Turbo-The offer is comparatively clear, it is precisely for this reason that it appeals particularly to beginners. As a newcomer you should not be tempted to try too many different option types. Specialize in one type of trade and try to develop a feeling for it.

Yield opportunities at OptionBit

In order to compare the individual offers of binary options brokers, it is worth taking a look at the yields that are paid out in classic call and put trading. According to own statements OptionBit provides up to 88 percent. Thus the profit possibilities are set above average high.

The yields are substantially higher with One Touch trading. The broker promises 260 to 550 percent to his customers here. Altogether a registration with OptionBit appears promising due to fair net yield chances in this regard and is recommendable.

Simple trading from on the way

As trading software behind the trading platform OptionBit uses TradoLogic. The system is very stable and easy to use. Visitors to the website can also get an impression of it without registering if they switch to the trading page via the “Trade” menu item. The download of a software is expressly not necessary. With OptionBit everything runs directly via the web browser, so that you can pursue your business at any time from anywhere in the world. Especially worth mentioning here is mobile trading, which is possible at any time via smartphone and tablet PC. However, beginners should refrain from trading on the move, as they usually have less overview of the price charts when working with the mobile device. There are also apps that allow you to trade while on the move.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Open up on OptionBit in terms of deposit options. In addition to payment by credit card, bank transfer and Neteller, other payment options such as Skrill and Paysafecard are available, but the broker does not use PayPal. Deposits can usually be made without any problems. The money is on the online account within a few seconds at OptionBit.

In our test we have also been able to order a withdrawal. After a few working days we were able to determine the money on our account. There were no problems. Also other users report of a respectable handling of the payments with OptionBit. With mini and standard account a payout per month is free of charge. In the VIP account no further prices are raised for two disbursements.

Boni and Sonderaktionen

Interested traders should always take a special look at the premiums for their registration. Straight one with OptionBit dealers can knock the one or other additional euro out to Traden. For the first deposit a deposit premium is credited. Watch out: In order to actually receive the bonus, you have to report to support independently.

From a deposit of 200 euros, OptionBit gives you an additional 30% as a bonus for trading on top. With a deposit of 500 Euro it is even 40% bonus and from amounts of 1.000 Euro 50% credit wait for the traders. The details for the approval of the premium payments know the customer support and will communicate these accordingly.

With OptionBit you have beyond that the possibility of becoming a VIP member. These traders are granted preferential treatment when scheduling with market analysts. They will also be provided with a VIP number for direct contact. Beside the usual mini account and the VIP account also the standard account is available. Details to the advantages, which customers with appropriate account types are entitled to, are visible on the sides of the broker.

Ab 200 Euro participate in trading

Added, the entrance hurdle is comparatively high with OptionBit with 200 Euro. Especially beginners can be easily deterred and try their luck with other providers. However, the relatively low trading stake of only 10 Euro should be mentioned, which makes trading on OptionBit attractive for newcomers as well.

35 Underlyings from all_areas

OptionBit is positioned below average in the range of Underlyings. Only 35 different stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs are available for trading.

Tradingvideos und Bildungsangebote

With OptionBit the scope of the available educational offers depends on the type of account. With a standard account, for example, there are up to 5 trading units in 1 to 1 trading. The VIP-Account offers this possibility unlimited. In addition, the binary options broker has an extensive glossary, an economic calendar and a rich training program with ebooks. These help both newcomers and experienced traders. Technologies such as the Signal Pack also give you the chance to benefit from expert assessments. In general, the range of educational opportunities is very varied, although not available in perfect German. Beginners can find out thereby fast, how they can successfully act.

In addition a free OptionBit demo account with 500 play money is to you at the disposal. Thus you can collect directly and risk-free experiences at the market. The demo is advisable also for advanced ones, in order to try new tactics and strategies out. Only few brokers make such a service possible.

Overall Rating: so good is OptionBit

OptionBit as one of the oldest brokers for binary options has a lot of experience in the field of financial trading. A registration can be recommended for beginners and advanced traders alike. With the demo account you can trade risk-free in the market. In addition, promising trading conditions are made available, even if the number of underlyings for trading is still comparatively low. OptionBit is a fair partner that interested parties should take a closer look at. Nevertheless, doubts remain about the offshore regulation in the Seychelles.


With OptionBit I have four different instruments available for trading: Besides the simple options I can also trade with Range, One Touch and Turbo options. In connection with the underlyings a lot of strategies are possible.

written 12 months ago