Reel Island Experiences

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There is no question that gambling still has a huge appeal for people. So that the desire on gambling does not get lost also in the modern age, there are on-line Casinos, in which the player can go comfortably to the start. One such online casino is Reel Island. The casino does not only have a good offer, but also two valid licenses. So there is no cheating and rip-off here. However, these are not the only features that the online casino can offer. The test will take still other things, which constitute this offerer, more exactly under the magnifying glass under the magnifying glass.

Our experiences in the overview

The experiences with Reel Iceland are altogether very good, the customer strands here under no circumstances on a lonely island. Rather he can enjoy a number of different casino games. These include, for example, a lot of slot machines from many manufacturers from the scene. Table and card games also find a platform here that is worth seeing. A live casino also belongs to the scope of services of this provider. Beside the offer there are however still further points, by which the offerer can convince. The valid gambling licenses of the British Gambling Commission and Curacao ensure a smooth process and safe gaming. The support shows light and shade, but the provider is happy to respond to his mobile offer. A little more transparency, on the other hand, would have been good for the payment method factor, because the customer receives virtually no information and has to rely on individual logos. On the other hand, the bonus for new customers is once again pleasing. Because this is granted not only on the very first deposit, but directly on the first three deposits.

Reel Island in the check: Fraud or respectable?

The question about fraud or respectability is not only omnipresent in the gambling industry. In the entire on-line range dealers or various offerers of this question must place themselves. Reel Iceland has nothing to fear here however and is considered serious. Reason for this are among other things the two valid gambling licenses, with which it goes to the start. And since these licenses come from well-known authorities such as the British Gambling Commission and the Curacao authority, the provider is of course above all doubt. But there are also other indications that one is dealing with a serious provider. There are, for example, various logos and links that promote the customer to sites that deal with responsible gaming. If a provider were dubious, he wouldn’t have to worry about such things. The logos of the payment methods that the customer can find on the site also provide an indication. These are well-known companies that do not need negative publicity. Therefore, it can also be assumed in this point that the provider is not sloppy here. The same applies to the manufacturers of the games. In the list, which one can call oneself here, are each quantity large offerers from the Casinoszene. Generally one should not worry as a customer any more so much about dubious casinos. Because meanwhile their number tends towards zero, which is not least due to the fact that the customers would announce such a casino immediately. The customers would remain absent, besides also the authorities intervene rather earlier than later.


Also, if there are strictly taken more important characteristics than the offers, a very large focus lies here on it. The reason is also logical. Before licenses and Co. move into the foreground, the player would like to know first of all, which offer the Casino can present. Such an offer must come along balanced and cover several ranges. This succeeds Reel Iceland in impressive way.


They are classics of the casino scene: slot machines. It doesn’t matter whether they are classic slot machines or more modern online slots. Slot machines of any kind are easy to operate and with a little luck can bring big winnings. Here with Reel Iceland there are many of these on-line Slots, which are presented besides by considerable manufacturers. Thus there are for example several Slots of the company NetEnt. Starburst or Guns’n Roses are among them. But also other providers have their irons in the fire here. Among the manufacturers who are represented here with games are Microgaming, Elk Studios, Quickspin, Amaya, Blueprint and many more. But the offer does not only consist of pure slots. There are also the very popular jackpots. These come up with big winnings and with a little luck can put the already attractive reel winnings in the shade. Winstar, Hall of Gods or Mega Fortune are names that should be familiar to players here.

Card and table games

Card and table games are also an integral part of the casino scene. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a game of Black Jack or Roulette? Customers, who stand on these classics, are not disappointed. There are in each case very many variants of these plays, so that for the customer here surely the correct is thereby. For example, there is the exclusive Double Ball Roulette or the Double Exposure Black Jack. However, these two heavyweights among casino games are not the only ones to enter the ring. Various poker games as well as Baccarat or Six Shooter belong likewise to the offer and provide for play passport.

Bingo, Scratch Cards and Co.

The games specified under the categories Fun, Virtual and Bingo do not rank necessarily among the classical Casino plays. However, they offer a good change when you need a break from slots, Black Jack and Co. In the Bingo section you can find some variations of this popular game. The Fun section is rather reserved for scratch cards, while you also have the opportunity to participate in virtual games. For example there is the Virtual Champs League or the Virtual World Cup.

Live Casino

One of the big highlights of Reel Island is the Live Casino. Here it gives the clenched Casinoladung with a shot reality. Because under no circumstances computers are used, but genuine humans, who function as dealers and Croupiers. This creates a very special gaming ambience, which is actually only available in this form in real casinos. The factor of trust should also not be underestimated, because the fact that the player can follow every single move of the dealer and croupier creates that trust. Although the computer-controlled games are also absolutely safe, they cannot approach the atmosphere of a live casino.

Bonus for new customers

A common means in the casino industry is the distribution of a casino bonus. This is assigned mainly to new customers, who opened straight fresh an account. Here it concerns both around customer connection and around a thank you to the player for the successful registration. New customers can get to know so for example in all peace the offer, without having to set thereby on their own money.

Deposits at Reel Island are rewarded with a bonus. While it is only the first deposit that is rewarded in this way for many competitors, the first three deposits on Reel Island are even silvered with a bonus. On the first deposit there is a bonus of 100 percent. The good news: The bonus is unlimited, the customer can deposit as much as he wants. The second deposit is awarded with 25 percent and a maximum sum of up to 500 euros, while the third deposit brings 50 percent and a maximum volume of 500 euros.

The bonus is a free service of a provider – but the customer may not take the bonus and the sum immediately pay out. Otherwise on-line Casinos would drive all together probably a thick minus in. The bonus regulations provide here that the sum of deposit amount plus bonus money must be converted a total of 35 times before a payout of the money can take place. In addition, only certain games will gradually meet the wagering requirements. If, for example, you like to play table games such as Blackjack, this bonus offer does not apply to you, as the game is not supported. Friends of slot games, on the other hand, can be happy. The stakes on most slot machines are even calculated 100 percent against the bonus.

Deposit and payout

Deposits and payouts are a very important instrument when it comes to taking a closer look at a provider. Because finally then decides, in which way a customer can fill up its play account and from there also again money can withdraw. The providers are well advised to offer as many options as possible so that many customers can also be addressed. Which options are available for the customer here at Reel Island in detail, is not visible for prospective customers, because there is no list of options here. However, the customer can at least partially guess which options there are, since some logos of the service providers are displayed on the provider side. However, the customer must bear in mind that the payment options may vary from country to country, so that the logos may be used for orientation only.

The possible payment options include, for example, credit cards. The “big two” of the industry, Visa and Mastercard, are accepted here. However, not every potential customer has such a credit card. Therefore there are also alternatives. Skrill and Neteller belong to the family of e-wallets. The advantage: As with credit cards, the deposited amount is credited immediately so that the player can start playing immediately. However, customers must have a valid account with the providers of these e-wallets if they wish to use them. Prepaid credit is becoming more and more fashionable and is finding its way into the online casinos of the world. With the Paysafecard the customer can transfer the purchased amount either completely or in smaller partial amounts to his gaming account. However, banking has not yet been transferred to the eternal hunting grounds. The customer has the option of making a bank transfer. However, he should keep in mind that a transfer can take a few days. For players who want to start immediately, rather not the right variant. In such a case it is better to use Giropay or the instant bank transfer. The money is also transferred to the provider by bank transfer, but this is done in real time. The access data from the online banking of the house bank as well as a valid TAN.

The customer also does not learn anything about the payouts. However, many casinos follow a certain guideline. It looks like this, that the customer accomplishes withdrawals over the same channel, over which he made also the deposits. If this does not function with some offerers – for example with the Paysafecard or the Sofortbanking measures – one should take up either with the support contact, or one gets an appropriate alternative presented equal from the outset.

Security and regulation

The questions of security and regulation are constant companions in the gaming industry. No unusual procedure, because the customer would like to be naturally safe that he has to do it with a respectable offerer, who is sublime over each doubt. This is the case with Reel Island. There are even two valid licenses here. One is from Curacao, the other is from the British Gambling Commission. But why two licenses? Doesn’t it also have a valid license? Basically yes, but it can happen that a few games are not covered by only one valid license. But if the provider then has two licenses, these problems are usually solved.

The licenses – no matter which authority they come from, you don’t get them for free. The online casinos are put to the acid test, with some areas of course receiving special attention. It is about the factor Fair Play. Especially with games of chance it is important that the customer has a realistic chance to win at the different games. For this to be the case, random generators are used to ensure that the games run clean and fair. The payout ratio, the RTP (Return to Player) is also checked. If a provider can not convince here, there will be no license. The same applies if the data is not properly encrypted. Both with the registration and with the log in or the indication of bank data partly very sensitive data go over the servers. This data must not fall into the wrong hands. However, if the authorities see this danger, the provider must make improvements. Otherwise he will not receive a license.

Support and Customer Service

You should never underestimate support when it comes to how customers rate a provider. The Reel Island experiences are mixed here. There is a Live Chat, over which the customer can take up uncomplicated contact. The Live Chat is a proven means, with which one can solve questions and problems very well. Who would like to formulate its request in writing apart from the Chat, can send a Mail to the support. The address is displayed in the help area of the page. A FAQ area is also available, but this one is very thinly populated. There are just three questions and their answers. By today’s standards, of course, this is not enough to play a part in the concert of the greats on this point.

User friendliness of the website

The website can certainly be classified as user-friendly. The customer does not have to dig his way through a thicket of banners or buttons before he can reach the desired area. Not least the game selection is very well structured, there is even a search function with which the customer can look for his favourite games. Speaking of games: It is commendable that the customer can even test the games, since a play money mode is available. Also successful: The German translation is by and large problem-free.

Mobile App

There are providers who have not yet recognized the signs of the times and do not offer their offers in a mobile version. On the other side there are Casinos, which possess a mobile offer, do not at all communicate to their customers however, that they have such an offer. The test shows that it goes also differently. The offerer does not only communicate to its customers that it has an appropriate offer, but shows the customers also, how they arrive there. On the side under the menu option mobile there is the left to the mobile side. Alternatively one can be sent also the address by SMS on its mobile phone. The Download of an App is not necessary. That has equal several advantages: The customer does not have to worry about updates. In addition mobile sides are usually also laid out for different operating systems, so that for example both the customers with iOS device and those with Android devices can play themselves here.

Result: Very good provider with minimal weakness

For the customer it is worthwhile to open an account at Reel Island. The provider has several advantages. First of all it is important that he is properly certified. Two licenses – one from Curacao and one from the British Gambling Commission – provide for the fact that Abzocke and fraud can become here no topic. In addition, Reel Island also convinces through an attractive bonus and not least through the factor that mobile gaming is possible. The customer does not need a special app for this, but can simply go to the start via mobile page. The payment methods are not mentioned explicitly, the customer can orientate himself by the logos to be seen on the page. The support is rather mediocre and offers only a live chat and the possibility to write a mail. The FAQ area is not competitive, so that the support as a whole can rather be described as average. However, this weakness does not diminish the overall good impression.