Video Poker Strategy: Jacks Or Better And Deuces Wild

In contrast to games like Baccarat, Roulette or Keno, the rules for Videopoker are easy to understand. The same applies to video poker strategies. However, it is obvious that the player must master the rules perfectly if he wants to master the strategic subtleties of video poker and hit the jackpot. This means that he must have understood the course of the game, master the card combinations perfectly, but also that he must look at the payment table of the game before betting.

In video poker there is no miracle method to win. But it is still possible to increase the player’s chances of winning by statistical methods, by controlling his budget correctly or by simply making the right decisions. Beginners can familiarize themselves with Video Poker through free games, so they can play without pressure.

The method presented here is dedicated to a special variant of Video Poker: the Jacks or Better, the most common variant on the Internet. Due to the many variations of this game, we can only present one method that deals with video poker in general. However, this method can also be useful for other lesser known video poker games.

Now we show you the strategy for Jacks or Better, for better odds

Here you will find a simple table with the actions you can take in a game Jacks or Better. This allows you to make better decisions and analyze the potential of the hands in video poker.

The data in this table is based on statistics. By calculating how often a Video Poker player keeps or rejects a hand and comparing this number to the hand’s success or loss rate, it is possible to obtain the following table:


card value cards you keep cards, that you put away
Royal Flush 5 0
Straight Flush 5 0
Quaddle 4 1
Royal Flush with 4 Cards 4 1
Full House 5 0
Color 5 0
Drilling 3 td2
Straight Flush 5 0
Royal Flush with 4 Cards 4 1
Two Pairs 4 1
Pair of boys or better 2 3
Royal Flush with 3 Cards 3 2
Colors with 4 cards 4 1
Low value pair as one pair Boys 2 3
Straight Flush with 4 cards 4 1
Straight Flush with 3 cards Cards 3 2
Royal Flush with 2 cards 2 3
3 High value cards (Jack, Lady, King, Ass) 3 2
2 High Value Cards 2 3
No High Value Cards 0 5

Choose variant, you want to learn

There are a huge number of video poker variations. Therefore, you should master at least one of these variations perfectly before you start playing. Start by learning “Five Card Draw”, which is the most common variation offered by video poker machines. The second step for you is to understand how the payment tables of this variant work. You must try to make the maximum win once you have a winning hand. This step is important because the paytable varies from casino to casino. Sometimes it only applies to one deck of cards, sometimes it applies to several. Roughly speaking, you should know the features of the different machines perfectly.

Always choose the best offer

After you have gotten to know all the different poker variations more or less well, you can make your choice. Most players choose “Jacks or Better” to maximize their chances of winning – in this variant you can sometimes win with a simple pair. The variants where you need a double pair or a triplet are more difficult to master. You must manipulate the offer so that you can win as often as possible. If you notice that you can’t win on a particular machine, you should stop and try your luck on another machine.

Compare the features of the different machines

The “Jacks or Better” and “Five Card Draw” are the best video poker games for beginners. You should take a look at the different options on offer and always keep in mind that you want to win as much money as possible. Before you start, you must choose a machine where you can bet the amount you want. In other words, if you want to bet 1 euro and have only 50 cents at your disposal, it’s pointless. There are cheaper and more expensive online games. But the principle is always the same: the more money you bet, the more you can win. The winnings table is structured according to this principle. In order to win the jackpot you have to make the corresponding bet.

Hold or get rid of the cards?

You have to know which cards you want to hold and which ones you want to get rid of. With the good cards, you need to know whether you are able to win money with them or not. For example, if you have an ace, a king, a jack, a 10 and a 5, you give away the 5 and keep the four others. Why? Because you have the option of a Royal Flush. Or for example, if you have 3, 3, 10, Jack and 5, you keep the three cards of 3 to make a triplet or even a quadruplet.

” Deuces Wild “

  • If you have a hand with winning potential, you keep it.
  • In a Four of a Kind or Straight Flush, you get rid of one card.
  • Drop two cards if you have three cards for a Royal Flush.
  • In two pairs, you should drop the weaker pair or swap three cards.
  • If you have a winning hand and a Deuce, keep it.
  • If you have three Deuces, switch the other two cards.
  • If you have Deuces only, switch the weakest cards and keep the best ones.

Here you will learn the strategy for Deuces Wild, which you can use in the casino

Now we would like to introduce the Deuces Wild strategy for the casinos. Deuces means “wild deuces” and it is an important card that everyone should hold. If you have less than one triplet, you don’t get any payouts. The same applies to uncombined hands, which should always be exchanged. Many players avoid this because they think they will get a worse hand. But the fear is usually unfounded. Sometimes Deuces Wild is also considered a wild card in poker, which means as much as Joker. Learn the online poker rules and make your bet.